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U.S.::Ambassador::Louis Nigro::::Chad::::
Term of Appointment: 11/16/2007 to present

This biography is no longer current; at present, no other official Department of State biographical information is available

Louis J. Nigro, Jr. is a member of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States. He entered the Foreign Service in 1980. Mr. Nigro was nominated for ambassadorship to Chad on September 4, 2007 and confirmed by the Senate on October 26th. Ambassador Nigro was sworn in on November 16th and will arrive at post in December.

Mr. Nigro has served as a diplomat overseas at U.S. Embassies in The Bahamas, Chad, Haiti, The Holy See, Guinea, and Cuba. He was Deputy Chief of Mission in the last three postings.

In Washington, he has held positions in the Department of State's Operations Center, Policy Planning Council, Office of Western European Affairs, and Office of Canadian Affairs.

For his service in Haiti, he won the Department of State's Superior Honor Award. From 2004-2006, he was Professor of International Relations at the U.S. Army War College. From 2006-2007, he was Diplomat in Residence at the University of Houston.

Before joining the Foreign Service, Mr. Nigro earned a PhD. In Modern European History from Vanderbilt University; was a Fulbright-Hays Research Fellow in Italy; taught modern European history at Stanford University; and served as an officer in the California Army National Guard.

He is the author of the book, The New Diplomacy in Italy: American Propaganda and U.S.-Italian Relations, 1917-1919 (New York: Peter Lang, 1999) and of articles on historical and diplomatic themes.

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