Foreign Embassies in the U.S. and Their Ambassadors
Office of the Chief of Protocol
March 13, 2001


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April 17, 1961 EMBASSY OPENED
March 14, 1961 Louis Ignacio Pinto, Appt. Amb. E. and P.
April 17, 1961 Amb. E. and P.
May 1, 1967 Maxime-Leopold Zollner, Appt. Amb. E. and P.
May 10, 1967 Amb. E. and P.
September 21, 1970 Wilfrid de Souza, Appt. Amb. E. and P.
September 21, 1970 Amb. E. and P.
March 20, 1973 Tiamiou Adjibade, Appt.Amb. E. and P.
April 9, 1973 Amb. E. and P.
October 15, 1975 Mr. Saturnin Soglo, Counselor Charge d'Affaires ad interim
November 30, 1975 Name changed to People's Republic of Benin
January 9, 1976 Setondji Thomas Boyaf Appt, Amb. E and P.
January 23, 1976 Amb. E. and P.
June 2, 1983 Guy-Landry Hazoume Appt., Amb. E. and P.
June 16, 1983 Amb. E. and P.
June 20, 1988 HE Theophile Nata, Appt
July 5, 1988 Amb. E. and P.
February 28, 1990 Name changed to Republic of Benin
August 27, 1990 H.E. Candide Pierre Ahouansou, Appt
October 24, 1990 Amb. E. and P.
November 9, 1994 Lucen Edgar Tonoukouin (copies of credentials)
November 21, 1994 Amb. E. and P.(WH credentials)
February 21, 2001 Segbe Cyrille Oguin, Appt.
March 13, 2001 Amb. E. and P.
May 16, 2014 Omar Arouna, Appt.
May 21, 2014 Amb. E. and P.

Special Terms*
[Amb.] E.E. and M.P.= Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
[Charge d'Affaires] a.i.= ad interim
Amb. E. & P. = Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

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