About Politics1 -
• Website with political news, also offers a few job ads

American Association for Public Opinion Research -

American Political Science Association -
• Job board and job search mentoring available to members only
• Some articles regarding job search are available online for free, including "Making Use of Online Resources to Find a Job in Political Science" which has some interesting hyperlinks
• Membership is expensive but this is one of the leading professional organizations for the study of political science and offers a wide range of programs and services
• Members (from 80 countries) enjoy many networking opportunities online, at conferences, and other venues

Asociacion Latinoamericana de Consultores Politicos - (in Spanish)

Capitol Works Inc. -
• "Connects organizations with job seekers in the political, campaign and public relations fields" for a fee by running job searches for political organizations and public affairs companies; can be employed by the employer or the job seeker
• Articles in their "Pressroom" are worth reading to learn more about jobs on The Hill
• Also provides savvy personnel for temporary and permanent positions through their partner, PoliTemps, Inc.

European Association of Political Consultants -

International Association of Political Consultants -
• Professional organization of senior political and public affairs advisors

International Republican Institute -
• Sends expert volunteer trainers, elected officials and skilled staff members to >50 countries to teach others "how to build strong and lasting democracies in their countries"
• They publish job vacancies on their website

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs -
• A nonprofit organization "working to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide" and providing practical assistance to political and civic leaders advancing democratic values, practices and institutions
• They publish job vacancies on their website

California State University -
• A directory of U.S. lobbyists for special interest groups with hyperlinks

PoliTemps, Inc. -
• Provides temporary and permanent personnel "who, in addition to administrative and computer skills, possess an understanding of the political, legislative, and public relations processes in the city"
• Recruits for public relations, media relations, fundraising, lobbying support, legislative affairs and tracking, grassroots activities, special events and conferences, telemarketing and polling, internet research and analysis, customer service, word processing and clerical

PoliticsOnline -
• Hosts the websites of several professional political organizations
• Provides fundraising and internet tools for politics
• Boasts a "Political Job Board" but it was not operational on 12-16-04

Polling Report -

Politix Group -
• Offers free career resources, including hyperlinks to the different organizations; but they do charge a subscription fee to their job board
• Also provides political news and commentary

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