"Federal Consulting: Strategies and Tools for the Career Development Professional"
Pressman, Sue and Kahnweiler, Jennifer B.
An article which has good basic information for all types of prospective federal consultants.


Association of International Consultants -
• "AIC is an independent non-profit making Professional Association providing on a very short notice Companies and International Institutions with Highly Qualified Experts for short-, medium- and long-term assignments."

Association of Management Consulting Firms -


Biech, Elaine
The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond
Pfeiffer, 1998

Block, Peter and Markowitz, Andrea
The Flawless Consulting Field Book and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise
This is the industry standard. Block cites three ways that consultants work with clients: in an expert role, pair-of-hands role, or a collaborative role.
Pfeiffer, 2000

Bridges, William
Creating You and Company: Learn to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career
This a good read for prospective consultants.
Perseus Books Group, 1998

Sheridan, Valerie S. (Editor)
Washington Representatives 2006: A Compilation of Washington Representatives of the Major National Associations, Labor Unions, Governments, U.S. and Foreign ... Registered Agents
An excellent resource for information and networking. Lists lobbyists, foreign agents, consultants, legal advisors and public affairs representatives.
Columbia Books Inc. Publishers; 30th edition, 2006

Downs, Buck; Damrosch, John; Flanigan, Mary; Gutierrez, Melissa (Editors)
National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States 2006
Columbia Books, 41st edition, 2006

Downs, Buck; Damrosch, John; Flanigan, Mary; Gutierrez, Melissa (Editors)
State and Regional Associations of the United States 2006
Columbia Books Inc. Publishers; 18th edition, 2006

Goodman, Gary Scott
Six-Figure Consulting: How to Have a Great Second Career
Complete how-to-manual to establish yourself as a consultant.
AMACOM/American Management Association, 1997

Foreign Representatives in the US Yellow Book
This directory is published annually and includes contact information for executives in the U.S. offices of foreign corporations, foreign nations, the foreign press and inter-governmental organizations. Other YELLOW BOOKS published include: Congressional, Federal, State, Municipal, Federal Regional, Judicial, Corporate, Financial, News Media, Associations. Law Firms, Government Affairs, and Nonprofit Sector.

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