De Bottom, Elaine
"The Real Meaning of Your 'True Calling'"
November 2009 issue, Oprah Magazine


Cohen, William A.
How to Make it Big as a Consultant
AMACOM, 2009

Dreher, Diane
Your Personal Renaissance: 12 Steps to Finding Your Life's True Calling
Da Capo Press, 2008

Dunning, Donna
What's Your Type of Career?: Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality to Find Your Perfect Career Path
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2010

Miller, Dan
No More Mondays: Fire Yourself – and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling
WaterBrook Press, 2008

Rosengren, Curt
The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide to the Career of Your Dreams E-Book
- Rosengren runs "Passion Catalyst International" which helps people find the passions that will lead them to more satisfying jobs.
- The website offers other e-books, speaking engagements and a blog for job hunters and career changers.
E-book available at

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