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January 3, 2014

Date: 01/03/2014 Description: AERO Common Core Plus Logo - State Dept Image

AERO:SBC (Standards-Based Curriculum)
at Madeira School

World Languages Curriculum Design Institute

June 15-20, 2014

The AERO Common Core Plus initiative brings together teams of teachers and curriculum coordinators from participating schools to collaborate in curriculum unit and assessment design.

The primary audience for this institute is World Language and EAL teachers who want to gain experience in standards-based unit and assessment design. It is intended for those with a beginning or moderate level of experience in the Understanding By Design approach to curriculum development. Participants will leave the institute with some completed units and the knowledge necessary to train colleagues at their schools in the process of unit and assessment design incorporating the AERO World Language Standards. Participants will also gain knowledge in vertical curriculum alignment and cross-curricular themes that can support students’ language arts development in general.

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring samples of units or curriculum maps with them that they would like to review and revise.

Workshop participants will:

  • Review the AERO World Language Standards
  • Review the Understanding By Design process for unit development
  • Revise existing units or write new units
  • Explore strategies to strengthen units’ essential questions, culminating tasks, and rubrics
  • Consider ways to improve assessments of language proficiency
  • Develop components of curriculum mapping within the language curriculum and across school-based curricula
  • Plan with team members for work at respective schools for the next year

Participants may choose to take this course for university credit from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Applications will be available in the spring. For course participants earning university credit, the cost is $500. (For participants who are not earning university credit, there is no charge for the workshop.)

The workshop will be limited to 20 participants. Therefore, registration will be accepted on a space-available basis. Preference will be given to two-member school teams, but individuals may apply as well.

Please send, email, or fax the completed registration form by March 3, 2014.