FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2006

This section contains the Department's financial statements and related Independent Auditor's Report, and other information pertaining to the Department's financial management. For more information on this section, please contact the Office of Financial Policy, Reporting, and Analysis at (202) 261-8620.

Financial and Personnel Highlights
Independent Auditor's Report
Financial Statements

Introduction to Principal Financial Statements
Principal Financial Statements

Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Statement of Net Cost
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Net Position
Combined Statement of Budgetary Resources
Consolidated Statement of Financing

Notes to Principal Financial Statements
Required Supplementary Information
Supplemental Information and Other Reporting Requirements

Financial Management Plans and Reports
Management of Obligations to the Department
Management of Payments
Management of Audit Follow-up
Financial Performance Metrics

Historical Notes on U.S. Diplomacy

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