At this point in your planning, with your post assignment in hand, the following steps are advisable:

  • Notify the school of your anticipated date of arrival and request that space be reserved at the appropriate grade level for your children. If your post has a Community Liaison Office (CLO) coordinator, S/he might be able to assist with advance registration.
  • Find out what registration entails and exactly which documents you will need for the application porcess.
  • Make sure your child's immunizations (and health records) are up to date for registration at the new school.
  • Notify your children's current school of impending travel plans if special arrangements are needed to complete term work.
  • Request grade reports, test results, teacher evaluations,and samples of work, to facilitate grade placement at your post.
  • If your child will be applying for admission to a college or university in the coming year, request recommendations from teachers and counselors who know your child well.
  • Obtain information on special needs education by viewing the online Special Education Overseas Seminar. The Office of Overseas Schools also provides information on special needs education overseas, as does the Family Liaison Office. If your child has a documented learning disability, it is important to begin learning about available resources early in the move process.
  • Contact the Education and Youth Officer at the Family Liaison Office for information on summer camps, boarding schools, college placement, or educational testing.

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