Schedule an interview with a counselor in the Department of State Transportation Office
Non-State officers should contact the appropriate person at your government office.
The counselor will work with you and assign a packer to handle your move. See Chapter 11 Packing to Go of the Foreign Service Assignment Notebook: What Do I Do Now? for more details.

Continue to survey your possessions, dispose of excess items, and decide which things to put into storage or ship to your post. If necessary, make arrangements to have them cleaned and repaired. Remember to make a complete inventory of your items before the arrival of the shipping company. See Organize Household Effects.

Call the packing/storage company that you have been assigned by the Transportation Division to set up a prepack survey of your goods. Don't forget to mention items stored in your attic or garage, as well as items yet to be purchased. If you have items in other locations, check with your transportation counselor for advice on how to coordinate items in multiple locations.

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