Transition Center Courses
Sign up for Transition Center courses such as Realities of Foreign Service Life, Protocol and U.S. Representation Abroad, Explaining America, Going Overseas, or other Foreign Service life skills training. For a listing of all available course, dates and times, please visit the Transition Center Training section of our website.

Family members with sufficient time remaining in the U.S. can investigate training related to employment overseas. See family member employment classes. Workshops are also sponsored by the Family Liaison Office (FLO). Contact FLO for more information.

Security Training
The TC Training Division also provides the Security Overseas Seminars, which are required (or the equivalent) for employees before a first overseas assignment and recommended for family members.

Language Training for Eligible Family Members (EFMs)
Read the Overseas Briefing Center's (OBC) information for Language Training for Eligible Family Members (EFMs).

Teaching Certiication
The FAST-TRAIN program through George Mason University offers certificate and Virginia State approved Licensure/Master's Degree programs that prepare educators for domestic and international teaching assignments. Programs are designed to help prospective or current teachers working overseas develop their professional goals. FAST-TRAIN targets critical-need and high-demand areas in education like Elementary Education, ESL, Learning Support, and Advanced IB training.

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