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PKO Funds are administered by Office of Policy Plans and Analysis.

U.S. Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) funds support multilateral peacekeeping and regional stability operations that are not funded through the UN mechanism. This funding helps to support regional peace support operations for which international coalitions or neighboring countries take primary responsibility. These funds also help build capabilities in countries seeking to participate in international peace support missions. The United States is committed to enhancing the ability of other nations and international organizations to carry out voluntary peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, thereby sharing an international burden to restore regional stability and peace.

Key objectives of this account are to:

  • Promote peace and security by supporting multilateral peacekeeping initiatives around the world.

  • Address key gaps in capabilities to enable countries and regional organizations to deploy to peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

  • Develop institutional capacity to coordinate peacekeeping and other military and humanitarian support operations.

  • Advance international support for voluntary multinational efforts in conflict resolution.

  • Reform and integrate military forces in the aftermath of conflict. Through the use of the PKO account, the United States is better able to assist countries in creating an environment of security and stability essential to their social, economic, and political progress. The account provides the flexibility to support multilateral peace operations, conflict resolution, and sanctions enforcement. It can strengthen involvement of regional organizations in conflict management, often resulting in more politically- or cost-effective operations.

PKO fund are administered by the Office of Policy Plans and Analysis. See chart of breakdown by country.

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