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Term of Appointment: 08/01/2005 to present

This biography is no longer current; at present, no other official Department of State biographical information is available.

Following nomination by President George W. Bush and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Ann Wagner was sworn in as the 19th U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on August 1st, 2005, in Washington, DC.

Ambassador Wagner’s role as U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg is the latest chapter in a career rich in service to her community, state and nation. Her passionate belief in the traditional American values of liberty, opportunity and hope, along with her strong desire to share the American dream with others, fueled her decision to answer the call to international service.

Previously, Ambassador Wagner was Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) for two terms, a tenure marked by historic election victories and ambitious programs to engage women in politics and to motivate female leaders. Her extensive travels in this role took her to 48 of the 50 states. She also held the position of Chair of the Missouri Republican Party for more than six years. She was widely praised for her visionary leadership, numerous election successes, and dedication to key causes on behalf of her fellow Missourians.

Ambassador Wagner’s public service began at the grassroots level. She served for nine years as a local committeewoman in Lafayette Township, Missouri; a position she retained even while working as both the Missouri Chair and the RNC Co-Chair, because of her deep commitment to local, grassroots political involvement. In the private sector, she held management positions at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri, and Ralston Purina in St. Louis, Missouri.

Charitable organizations and the Catholic Church have both played a significant role in Ambassador Wagner’s life. She advanced the interests of children by serving on the boards of Campfire USA, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. She celebrated the successes of women in their professions and communities as an active participant in the St. Louis Forum. She also supported organizations that aid the disadvantaged, such as the United Way, American Red Cross, and St. Patrick’s Center for the Homeless.

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Ambassador Wagner earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, attending university on a vocal music scholarship.

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