Adjusted to Represent Estimated Share of Global HIV/AIDS Contributions

Notes: The figures include bilateral assistance and Global Fund contributions. Global Fund contributions adjusted to represent an HIV/AIDS share (60%). Funding for HIV/AIDS research not included. 2004 data for the United Kingdom and France are prelminary. Data for Japan, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and Spain estimated based on 2003 data.

"Other DAC" includes members of the Develoment Assistance Committee who are not part of the G-7.

Sources: UNAIDS & Kaiser Family Foundation Analysis, June 2005: The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Country/entity name is listed, followed by the total amount of that country's (or entity's) contribution and the percent of that amount contributed to the Global Fund and the percent that is bilateral assistance.

Italy: $135 million; 90% Global Fund, 10% bilateral
France: $140 million; 81% Global Fund, 19$ bilateral
Japan: $147 million; 35% Global Fund, 65% bilateral
Germany: $151 million; 22% Global Fund, 78% bilateral
Canada: $191 million; 41% Global Fund, 59% bilateral
EC: $277 million; 57% Global Fund, 43% bilateral
United Kingdom: $598 million; 6% Global Fund, 94% bilateral
United States: $1.63 billion; 17% Global Fund, 83% bilateral
Other DAC Countries: $475 million; 25% Global Fund, 75% bilateral