The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Second Annual Report to Congress
Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
February 8, 2006

The following table lists the name of the country followed by the number of individuals trained in strategic information (includes M&E, surveillance, and/or HMIS).

Note that numbers may be adjusted as attribution and reporting systems are refined. Numbers above 100 are rounded to nearest 100.

Botswana: 100
Cote d"Ivoire: 400
Ethiopia: 2,700
Guyana: 63
Haiti: 600
Kenya: 1,000
Mozambique: 82
Namibia: 100
Nigeria: 1,900
Rwanda: 500
South Africa: 2,000
Tanzania: 3,300
Uganda: 3,700
Vietnam: 300
Zambia: 1,200
Total: 17,900