The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Second Annual Report to Congress
Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
February 8, 2006

(dollars given in millions)

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Programs FY 2004 Enacted FY 2005 Enacted
Focus Countries1 845 1,371
Global Fund 547 347
Other Bilateral Programs 426 453
IAVI, UNAIDS, Microbicides 71 83
HIV/AIDS Research 317 332
TB 87 94
(Malaria)2 (89) (100)
Total Emergency Plan 2,293 2,681
Total Emergency Plan, With Malaria 2,382 2,781

1 Includes funding for country budgets, central programs, and strategic information and evaluation activities, and technical oversight and management costs.

2 USG spending on Malaria, newly categorized (beginning in FY 2006) as the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI), is now displayed in a separate table and is no longer included in the overall Emergency Plan total. However, because HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria have historically been grouped together, a separate total that includes Malaria spending has been provided in this chart for comparability purposes.

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