a. Directory and Fact Sheets of Department-Assisted Overseas Schools

OS publishes an annual directory and a one-page fact sheet on all Department-assisted overseas schools. The directory is mailed to all overseas posts. The fact sheets can be accessed on the Department’s Internet at www.state.gov/m/a/os/c1684.htm, as well as on the Intranet at http://aopros.a.state.gov.

b. Summary School Information Project

The Summary School Information Project (SSI) elicits detailed information from all U.S. overseas posts regarding all international schools that U.S. Government dependents attend throughout the world. The information, updated annually, is available on CD and in hard copy upon request.

The 2010-2011 CD-ROM InfoSchools contains information on education options at posts overseas, including information on approximately 500 schools and pre-schools. OS mails the CD to each embassy and consulate to enable U.S. Government employees to review the material as they participate in the Department’s bidding process for onward assignment. OS also makes copies available to all Foreign Affairs agencies and departments that assign U.S. Government employees overseas, including Justice, Labor, Treasury, Defense, CIA, DIA and others. In addition, OS makes copies available upon request to overseas schools, private entities, and individual U.S. Government employees considering an overseas assignment.

c. Materials for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Through the SSI project, OS receives information annually on schools overseas offering programs for children with special needs. From this information, OS prepares a list of these schools and makes it available on the Intranet and upon request. OS makes clear that parents should use this information only as a starting point in seeking programs for their children since the schools report the information which may change from year to year and may not be conclusive or all-inclusive. The document can be accessed on the Intranet at http://aopros.a.state.gov/content.asp?content_id=132&menu_id=93 and is available upon request from OS.

OS published Transitioning to an Overseas Assignment with a Special Needs Child, with the support of the Advisory Committee on Exceptional Children and Youth. It includes a section on resources for special needs and gifted students and additional information on the Department of State’s assignment process, the allowance structure, and the key factors to be considered when parents select an overseas school. OS distributes the brochure to Department-assisted overseas schools, U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide, and Foreign Affairs agencies. The brochure is available upon request from OS and can be accessed on the on the Internet at www.state.gov/m/a/os/c18630.htm.

d. Library

OS maintains a small library which contains materials regarding K-12 education options overseas. These include curriculum guides, yearbooks, newsletters and profiles on overseas schools, organized by country, city and school for easy reference. Visitors are welcome to use the library on a walk-in basis. A resource person is available to provide assistance.

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