For over 35 years the College Board and the Office of Overseas Schools have worked together to facilitate access to American higher education for students in overseas State Department-assisted schools. The Overseas School Project, designed to enhance college guidance for students, parents, counselors and administrators, has effectively connected overseas guidance professionals and students to current U.S. college admissions and financial aid information. Through the Project’s activities, secondary schools in every world region have benefited from the Project’s on-site school visits, workshops and participation in the regional school association conferences.

During 2009-2010, admissions consultants to the Overseas Schools Project visited 47 schools, meeting with 3,421 students and 575 parents. During these visits, they conducted College Night programs for students and parents interested in entering U.S. colleges and universities, led workshops for faculty members and administrators and provided technical assistance to college counselors, and outreach to Embassy staff and families. Admissions consultants presented at EARCOS, CIS Counselors Institute, Tri-Association, and MAIS Conferences.

Admissions consultants who travel for the Overseas Schools Project are experts in the field of college admissions and represent private and public colleges reflecting the breadth of U.S. higher education. Many serve as members of the Overseas Schools Project Advisory Committee (Colombia University, , University of Notre Dame , University of William and Mary, and Wesleyan University). This year the deans of admission from Brown University, Columbia University, Washington and Lee University also served as consultants. .

As a second dedicated commitment, many of the Committee members served on the faculty of the Summer Institute for International Admissions held at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. in June. The Summer Institute for International Admissions is sponsored by the College Board and helps high school college counselors strengthen their college counseling programs. This year counselors had opportunities to meet college admissions professionals through the faculty, special panel sessions and a college fair. A two-day New Counselor Workshop designed for counselors new to college counseling preceded the Institute. This year the Institute had 67 participants; 61were counselors from overseas schools, 58 were new to college counseling and 28 were from OS schools. OS funded the tuition for the Workshop and Institute for 27 counselors.