Consistent with Department-wide strategic management initiatives, OS continues to update the computerization of a number of internal operations and processes used for collecting information from and providing information to overseas schools, U.S. Government employees and the general public.

OS continues to use the following applications:

· GRASP (Grant Request Annual Submission Program) is the Windows-based software program used by Department-assisted schools for grant requests. The current version, 3.2.0.d is available on CD;

  • OASIS database is utilized to produce and track grant documents. OASIS is also used to query the GRASP data to create in-depth reports and profiles of Department-assisted overseas schools;
  • InfoSchools (available on CD-ROM and the Intranet) provides information on educational opportunities at most overseas posts. It is distributed to all posts, the Family Liaison Office and the Overseas Briefing Center in the Department, U.S. Government agencies with personnel overseas and to the public upon request; and
  • Internet and Intranet through which U.S. Government employees and others interested in overseas schools can access basic information about OS and Department-assisted overseas schools. These websites provide educational information on a variety of subjects, including:
  • Links to the web sites of all of the Department-assisted schools overseas
  • Links to various school districts and educational associations in the United States
  • 2010 SAT scores
  • Special Needs Resources
  • Resources for teaching overseas

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