Chapter 1: Why Inclusion?
What Is Inclusion?
How Do We Manage the Move toward Inclusion?
References By Ochan Kusuma-Powell & William Powell

Chapter 2: A Tale Out of School
References By William Powell

Chapter 3: Special Needs and Small Schools
The American International School of Johannesburg - A Case Study
Planning for Success
Conclusion By Maureen Gale

Chapter 4: Good Teaching: The Foundation for the Inclusive Classroom
Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms
The Four Major Dimensions of Inclusive Classrooms
Active Learning
Relevance & Connectedness
Curriculum: Personal & Prescribed
Dynamical Assessment
Features of An Inclusive Classroom
Other Positive Outcomes
One Final Word
References By Ochan Kusuma-Powell & William Powell & Jacqueline Philips

Chapter 5: Collaboration
The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work
References By William Powell

Chapter 6: Who Are These Children?
Exceptional Children in Our Schools
Who Are "Gifted "and "Highly Capable" Students?
Who Are Learning Disabled Children?
Who Are ESL Students?
References By Nancy Robinson, Barbara Keogh and Ochan Kusuma-Powell

Chapter 7: Teaching Exceptional Children
A. Developing Inclusive Classrooms: Critical Dimensions
i. Positive Classroom Climate/Environment for Learning
ii. Student-Specific Knowledge
iii. Critical Thinking and Questioning Patterns
iv. Relevance and Academic Rigor of Content
B. Strategies for Teaching Exceptional Children
i. Highly Capable
ii. Learning Disabilities
Working with ADHD Children
To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled
iii. English as a Second Language
References By Ochan Kusuma-Powell & William Powell with contribution from Nancy Robinson, and Barbara Keogh

Chapter 8: Assessing Students for Successful Inclusion
Setting Criteria for Inclusion and Conclusion
References By Elisabeth Wiig

Chapter 9: Policies and Procedures: The Foundations of Program
By Areta Williams and William Powell

Chapter 10: Recruiting Educators for An Inclusive School
Sample Interview Questions - Sample Interview Scenarios
By William Powell

Chapter 11: Professional Development and Reflective Practice
Professional Development for Implementing and Maintaining An Inclusive Program
Some Practical Suggestions for a Framework for Professional Development that Supports Inclusive Teaching
Conclusion and References

By William Powell

Chapter 12: A Final Word
By Ochan Kusuma-Powell & William Powell


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