The United States has approximately 220 diplomatic and consular posts around the world. These embassies and consulates consolidate their supply freight in one of three port cities. Those in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia consolidate in the New York area, those in Latin America and the Caribbean (except for Mexico) consolidate shipments in Miami, and those in the Asia - Pacific area consolidate in Seattle. Mexican border posts consolidate freight in their respective cross-border cities while Mexico Interior posts consolidate freight in Brownsville. Canadian posts do not usually consolidate freight in the US.

Each post has its own procurement and contracting officer making day to day decisions on where to obtain various supplies and pieces of equipment. Diplomatic missions purchase, among other items, a variety of:


Automotive Parts & Supplies

Building Maintenance Supplies and Equipment

Building Materials

Custodial Supplies and Equipment

Office Supplies


Our larger embassies strive to provide a typical U.S. style office and housing environment for several hundred employees. They also follow US safety and health codes and practices. Therefore, they often rely on U.S. made and marketed products to meet these needs.

The Department of State has a commitment to support small and disadvantaged business. If you manufacture or distribute items that you believe would be of use to our overseas missions, we urge you to solicit business from our posts listed below using their domestic U.S. mailing addresses. The General Services Officer is the primary procurement decision-making officer at an embassy and can assure that your letter, catalog, or brochure will reach the right person.

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