What is Electronic Commerce? Electronic Commerce is electronic techniques used to accomplish business transactions, including electronic mail or messaging, World Wide Web technology, purchase cards, electronic funds transfers, and electronic data interchange.

What legislation addresses the use of Electronic Commerce in Gomernment? Section 850 of Public Law 105-85, also known as the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998, details the requirements for the use of electronic commerce in Federal procurement. This Act places the responsibility on government agencies to establish, maintain and use, to the maximum extent practical and cost effective, procedures and processes that employ electronic commerce in the conduct and administration of its procurement system

Other key elements of the Act include:

  • Applying nationally and internationally recognized standards.
  • Facilitating access for small businesses to Federal Government procurement opportunities.
  • Providing agency requirements or solicitations for contract opportunities in a form that allows universal access through a single, Government-wide port of entry.

Method Used by the State Department to Publicize Contracting Opportunities -
FedBizOpps is the method used by the Department to publize contracting opportunities.

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