There is a privately owned veterinarian shelter at the Kennedy Airport for traveling animals. It is open 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. It is equipped to handle any kind of animal and has more than 140 species pass through its doors. The staff will examine, feed, water, exercise, and care for your pet during stopovers; veterinarians are available on the premises.

You can also write for crating directions and crates by sending a self-addressed envelope and postage stamp to Vetport. If there is a delay, they will kennel the pets. Normal rates per day (or part of a day) are: cats, $11; dogs, $16-20 (by size); extra for special diets, etc. Have all necessary vaccinations administered prior to shipping your pet. (The Vetport requires proof of vaccinations.) State on your waybill that your animal is to be taken to the Vetport if there is a delay or stopover! The address is:

Air Cargo Center
Kennedy International Airport
Building 189
Jamaica, New York 11430
Tel: (718) 656-8295
Fax: (718) 995-4757

This is not an endorsement but for informational purposes only. The U. S. government can provide no guarantees and accepts no responsibility thereof for any action taken on the visitor's part based on the information provided.

For more information on the Washington area services that will help prepare and ship pets, contact the Overseas Briefing Center for a list of pet transporting services in Maryland and in Virginia.

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