Dr. Nancy Robinson, Chair
Professor Emerita of Psychiatry
and Behavioral Sciences
University of Washington
Seattle WA

Mrs. Phyllis Aldrich
Coordinator for Gifted Education
WSWHE Board of Cooperativ
Educational Services (BOCES)
Saratoga Springs, NY

Dr. Ivonne Bui
Professor of Special Education
University of San Francisco
School of Education
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Susan Grant
Psychologist in Private Practice
Timonium, MD

Dr. Sylvia Linan-Thompson
Associate Professor
Department of Special Education
College of Education
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

Dr. Michelle Mazzocco
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Math Skills Development Project
Baltimore, MD

Dr. Charles Rowins
Deputy to Executive Director
Center for Talented Youth
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD