Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
June 19, 2014

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Topic: Investing in Niger: U.S. Investors Sought in Energy Sector

Host: Charge d’Affaires Richard Bell

Date, time, time zone for call: Thursday, June 19, 2014; 10:00 a.m. EDT (15:00 local)

Brief Description of call: Charge d’Affaires Rick Bell will discuss investment opportunities in Niger and explain the current business climate and welcoming attitude of the Nigerien Government, specifically in the energy sector including oil, gas, uranium, and hydroelectricity. Specific topics for discussion will include: the Kandadji hydroelectric dam World Bank-financed project which is expected to be bid out at the end of 2014; opportunities for coal, uranium, gold, and oil; and the current business climate and countries operating in Niger. Following the Charge’s presentation, attendees will have an opportunity to participate in the Q & A portion of the Direct Line call. The Direct Line call will be a teleconference only, so companies can dial in from their location. Economic and Commercial Officer Brian Hall will also be available to respond to questions. This call will take place for 60 minutes.