August 1, 2014

All tour requests should be submitted to the Tour Office via e-mail at The tour request should include the following:

  • Type of tour (individual/group)
  • Full name of each tour participant
  • Point of Contact name and phone number
  • Desired tour date and time (it is recommended you provide at least one alternate date/time.)

Upon receipt of your e-mail, the Tour Office will:

  • Confirm receipt of your tour request by return e-mail
  • Provide tour availability information
  • Provide your reservation confirmation along with arrival instructions

Tours previously scheduled via the DRR Tours website will be honored, however, it is imperative that you bring a copy of your reservation confirmation and photo ID for each group member on the tour date; otherwise, admission cannot be guaranteed. As a reminder, please note that all tours are subject to cancellation without prior notice due to official events. For more information, please contact the Tour Office at 202-647-3241 or via e-mail at

Due to annual maintenance and conservation of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms, no tours will be scheduled from August 1 – September 30, 2014; however, tour requests are currently being accepted and processed for the months of October, November and December 2014. If you would prefer not to request a reservation by email, please check back over the next few weeks as we anticipate our new and improved web-based reservation system will be available for online reservations in the near term; in the interim, thank you for your patience.

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