Zeenat Rahman
Special Adviser to the Secretary, Office of Global Youth Issues
Washington, DC
April 2, 2014

My name is Zeenat Rahman and I am Secretary Kerry’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues. My position was created because in this day and age, the key to successful diplomacy will be based on who we engage and how.
This generation of young people is the largest that the world has ever known. And they're remarkable - optimistic, innovative, creative, and also impatient. We can’t solve the massive challenges we face globally - things like climate change, access to education, economic growth - without the full participation of young people.
So this is why it is critical that governments create opportunities which meet the aspirations of their young citizens. And getting that right will matter to all of us.
How do we link up the energy and innovation of young people with the changes that are so necessary? Well, the State Department is partnering with young people, to solve our shared challenges and ensuring that youth issues are central to our foreign policy goals. To learn more about the work that's already happening visit our website, follow us on Twitter, and on Facebook.