Thomas Debass, Acting Special Representative and Deputy Special Representative for Global Partnerships
Washington, DC
May 14, 2013

The Global Diaspora Forum is the State Department and USAID's effort to celebrate America's diversity and how diversity could be used for diplomatic and development efforts around the world. This year, we're doing it for the third time and we're taking it global. We did a forum in Miami, in Los Angeles, and in Silicon Valley, and now here in Washington, DC. America is a country of immigrants and how does migration and immigrants can shape America's relationship around the world. And one way that we're doing that is not just from an outreach point of view but from a partnership point of view. The partnership platform that we created to engage with Diaspora is called International Diaspora Engagement Alliance or IDEA. IDEA gives us a way not only to work with Diaspora communities but with private sector institutions, public institutions, and civil society to work with Diaspora groups to amplify and support their noble activities around the world.