Office of Civil Rights
June 5, 2013

Date: 06/05/2013 Description: 2013 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month: Seth Wyngowski - State Dept Image Seth Wyngowski works as a student trainee in the Office of the Coordinator for Cuban Affairs (WHA/CCA). He started with the Department as a summer intern in July 2011, and while in school he has worked full time as a member of the CCA Consular and Economic Units through the Pathways program. Seth holds a B.A. in international affairs and a B.A. in Spanish/Latin America language and area studies from American University in Washington, DC. Seth has studied abroad in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. As a Latin America scholar, he is currently pursuing an M.A. in Latin American studies with a concentration in government at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Seth states that one of the best parts of his job is the opportunity to contribute to U.S. Government efforts to support the Cuban people and to work on one of the most complex policy issues in the region. For him, it is an honor and privilege to walk into the Department each day and to work with a group of supportive colleagues. During his two years at the Department, Seth has received three Extra Mile Awards from the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. After graduation, Seth plans to settle down with his boyfriend and hopes to continue working at the Department.