Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
May 15, 2013

The mission of the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership (CAP) is to provide technical assistance to aid the Department of State, the INL Bureau, the interagency and partner organizations in building the capacity of host nation criminal justice systems in order to prevent or eliminate transnational crime, strengthen governance and prevent conflict.

The CAP office is the INL Bureau’s center for criminal justice assistance. Its experts in police, prosecutorial, judicial and correctional development and reform, and training assist INL offices with assessments, strategic and program planning, pre-deployment training, equipment recommendations, and other services. To capitalize on the expertise found uniquely at the state and local levels, CAP has established over 50 partnerships with state, county and municipal criminal justice organizations. Professionals from these organizations participate in short and medium term advising, training, and mentoring assignments designed to strengthen foreign police, correctional, and judicial systems and practices. These partnerships are mutually beneficial for INL and the local organization – INL benefits by utilizing the knowledge and expertise of active serving police officers, corrections officers, and legal professionals. The state and local partners benefit by expanding their ties with countries of interest to their communities, developing new skills sets, and representing their country.

CAP also houses the International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support (IPPOS) Program, an effort to bolster international police peacekeeping through cooperation with the UN and donor countries. The IPPOS program provides pre-deployment training and other support to improve the capacity of police contributing countries to deploy well-trained, well-equipped peacekeepers in a timely manner. Since 2010, INL’s IPPOS program has delivered pre-deployment training to Formed Police Units and UN Police Officers in Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nepal, and Jordan; 2,033 graduates have deployed to UN missions in Haiti, Liberia, and Darfur.
CAP also works to increase the number of women in peacekeeping and to train peacekeepers to combat sexual and gender-based violence.

As INL’s reach expands and the nature of the programming diversifies, the CAP office will continue to provide expertise to advance the Department of State’s international criminal justice capacity-building missions.