John Kerry
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
May 10, 2013

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SECRETARY KERRY: Good afternoon. I’m really happy to be here with Foreign Minister Kozhara of the Ukraine. We are working in a continued way to include – to improve our relationship with respect to proliferation and security matters. We’re very grateful to the Ukrainian leadership for their cooperation on that. And we are particularly committed to helping Ukraine work to become a prosperous European democracy, and we appreciate their commitment to that.

I hope one of the things we will talk about today is the work with the European community in order to meet the conditions to be able to sign the association agreement, which we hope will happen soon, and we’re particularly anxious and hopeful that the leaders will work through some of the difficult issues with respect to that transition, including, hopefully, the ending of the prosecution of some people, and particularly the former Prime Minister Tymoshenko.

But all in all, we have a very strong and growing relationship, and we appreciate the leadership of the Ukraine as the current chair of the OSCE. So I’m happy to welcome. We’re both new foreign ministers --


SECRETARY KERRY: -- getting to meet each other for the first time, and I look forward to working with him. Thank you.

FOREIGN MINISTER KOZHARA: Thank you. So I’m extremely happy to be here to meet Secretary Kerry. This is our first meeting, and as the Secretary said, we are new ministers, and I think – and so we have a similar background because I spent also many years in the Ukrainian Parliament. And so we have a broad agenda with the United States to talk, including bilateral issues, security issues, trade and economic relations, and we also, I think, will be talking on the Ukrainian presidency in the OSCE.

And I look forward to continue our cooperation not only this year, but years ahead.



SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you, my friend.


SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you. Welcome. Happy to have you here. Thank you all very much. Thank you. Please.

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