Connie Tzioumis, Senior Advisor for Diaspora Partnerships
Washington, DC
May 6, 2013

Hello, my name is Connie Tzioumis and I am the Senior Advisor for Disapora Partnerships for the Global Partnership Initiative at the U.S. Department of State.

America’s diaspora communities are among our nation’s greatest asset. From their language skills and cultural familiarity to professional networks and personal ties, the contributions of these grass-roots ambassadors are critical to strengthening development and fostering connections between their communities of heritage and the country they now call home.

In 2011 we launched the International diaspora Engagement Alliance in coordination with the US Agency for International Development to deepen America’s engagement and partnership with diaspora communities. Each year we host the world’s largest gathering of diaspora communities to discuss next generation ideas for collaboration.

In response to unprecedented demand, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2013 Global Diaspora Forum encompasses events spanning multiple cities: Los Angeles, Dublin, Ireland, Washington, DC, and Silicon Valley, with additional gatherings in Miami, Toronto and more.

Under the theme, “Where Ideas Meet Action” – the 2013 Global Diaspora Forum will highlight inspiring stories from prominent American diaporans, showcase exemplary diaspora-driven initiatives, and demonstrate diverse methods of organization and bridge-building that encourage the next generation of diasporas to get involved in building up their countries of heritage.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the many contributions of America’s diaspora communities and tune in to livestreamed content from the Global Diaspora Forum events on and follow the conversation on Twitter @diasporaIdEA using hashtag #2013GDF.