Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
April 30, 2013

Topic: Bangladesh's Energy Sector Opportunities

Hosts: U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation Robert Ichord

Date, time, time zone for call: Tuesday, April 30, 2013; 10:00 a.m. EDT

Brief description of call: Ambassador Mozena will review growing U.S. investment and engagement in energy issues followed by an interactive discussion of energy sector challenges in Bangladesh. With a steadily growing $100 billion economy and power demand rising by 10 percent annually, Bangladesh has developed ambitious plans to increase energy supply and diversify energy sources. As Bangladesh seeks to increase power supply from 8,000 MW currently to 22,000 MW in 2021, the government has stepped up natural gas exploration while assessing renewable, coal, LNG and nuclear energy projects to supplement natural gas resources. Deputy Assistant Secretary Ichord will discuss the U.S. role in launching the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in Bangladesh, a joint World Bank-UN effort to achieve universal energy access while doubling the share of renewable energy and the rate of energy efficiency by 2030. As major U.S. energy firms such as Chevron, Conoco-Phillips and GE expand their business in Bangladesh, this Direct Line call will offer a forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Bangladesh’s growing energy sector.

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