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March 1, 2013

Date: 03/01/2013 Description: Celebrating Women's History Month 2013: Valerie Miller - State Dept ImageValerie Miller serves as the anti-virus program manager for the United States Department of State. She has held this position since 2002. She led the challenging project to research, test, and implement the first-ever anti-virus perimeter and server-level defense at the State Department. Valerie leads an enterprise security team that’s responsible for providing technical security services to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and network assets. Under her leadership the virus incident response team’s (VIRT) scope of responsibility has increased significantly, resulting in the expansion of workforce from 3 to 19 contractors/FTEs and a budget of over $5 million.

Today, Ms. Miller is responsible for the coordination, formulation, and implementation of anti-virus applications on several levels to protect State’s Automated Information Systems (AIS). This includes over 90,000 clients at more than 300 U.S. Embassies and consulates worldwide. She provides insight to the senior management staff and is responsible for malware incidents for State. She aspires to motivate her team, ensure superb customer service, and make each day an excellent work experience.

Her prior experience includes twelve years of computer technology, from programming to database administration in the private sector. Before accepting the anti-virus challenge, she served as a senior systems administrator in State’s Medical Bureau.

Ms. Miller earned a B.S. in computer information systems with a minor in business administration from Fort Valley State University and has completed extensive graduate courses from Webster University. She is also a graduate of the USDA Executive Potential Program. Valerie holds numerous other technology and security certifications.