Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
February 13, 2013

The Good Performers Initiative (GPI) is funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and implemented by the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN). The program seeks to incentivize provincial governors’ counternarcotics and supply reduction activities and support sustainable, community-led development projects in provinces that have successfully reduced or eliminated poppy cultivation. There are more than 100 GPI-funded development projects in 33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, including: schools, transportation infrastructure, irrigation structures, hospitals, and drug treatment centers.

  • Provinces as determined by United Nations Office of Drug Control (UNODC) to be poppy-free receive $1 million worth of development assistance projects.
  • Provinces that reduce net poppy cultivation by 10 percent receive $1,000 of development assistance per each additional hectare of reduction.
  • Special Recognition Awards are awarded by the Government of Afghanistan to two provinces that have taken extraordinary steps to fight narcotics, but which may not qualify for GPI assistance under other categories.
  • Once the UNODC opium survey is published each fall, the MCN notifies provinces of their award. Provincial Development Councils then develop and nominate project proposals that are forwarded to the governor for review. The governor then submits selected project proposals to the MCN, where they are reviewed and approved or rejected by a GPI Project Review Committee, which consists of representatives from MCN and INL. Contracts are solicited and awarded in accordance with Afghan Procurement Law.

For more information regarding INL counternarcotics programs, contact: INL’s Office of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy at INL-PAPD@state.gov.

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