Purpose of Plan

The Department of State Fiscal Year 2004 Performance Plan (the Plan), submitted to the President, the Congress, and the American public describes what the Department plans to accomplish to achieve its mission, vision, and long-term strategic goals.

Structure of Plan

The Plan is divided into the following seven sections:

1. Benefit to the American Public: This section summarizes the benefits provided to the American people through pursuit of each of the Department's twelve strategic goals.

2. Major Crosscutting Efforts: This section describes the major issues on which the Department works with other agencies to resolve.

3. Management Landscape: This section describes the Department's major management priorities including the following:

President's Management Agenda (PMA) Initiatives: This section provides an update as to how the Department is addressing the PMA initiatives designed to create a results-oriented federal government.

Management Challenges: The Government Accounting Office and the Department's Office of the Inspector General have identified Management Challenges that specify areas where the Department needs to improve. This section describes the challenges and the actions that the Department has initiated to make the necessary improvements.

4. Performance Management Methodology: This section describes the performance management methodology or approach used by the Department.

5. New Strategic Planning Framewor: This section presents the Department's new strategic planning framework that responds more effectively to the changing international environment and brings greater clarity, direction, and alignment between its vision and overall priorities.

6. Strategic Goal Chapters: Each of the Department's twelve strategic goals is presented in separate chapters organized as follows:

Public Benefit: This summarizes how the strategic goal benefits the American people.

Annual Performance Goals: Annual performance goals represent the Department's priorities and what it wants to achieve during FY 2004. Each annual performance goal contains specific indicators used to measure progress and targets that represent the specific desired level of performance to be achieved.

Verification and Validation: This explains how the results data used to measure performance will be verified and validated.

Crosscutting Activities: This describes what activities the Department undertakes with other public or private sector entities to achieve a given annual performance goal.

7. Resources by Strategic Goal: The final section of the Plan depicts the resources and staffing by strategic goal, thereby linking resources to program performance objectives. This section is broken into two separate charts. The first chart depicts the Appropriation Act resources and the second the Foreign Operations resources.


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