Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Narita Airport, Japan
January 29, 2013


AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I have already said a great deal, but I just want to say that it has been a very successful visit to Tokyo. We’ve had excellent meetings and I think that we’ve established a basis for cooperation going forward with the new Abe Administration. We’ve had excellent discussions on all aspects of the North Korea issue. My meetings this morning were quite useful to me. I want to say, especially, that I appreciated my meetings yesterday with Director General Sugiyama. As always, they were high-quality meetings and we were able to talk in great depth about plans for future coordination, collaboration, and consultation on North Korea. So, I leave Tokyo very satisfied with the meetings that we have had here, and look forward to coming back again, I hope very soon, to continue discussions.

QUESTION: The Secretary of State made a statement today, that there would be significant actions if North Korea makes another provocative act. What sort of actions could be expected? Would action by the United Nations be one of the chances?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Well, we will have to see what happens in the future. We will have to see what North Korea chooses to do. I think, right now, the emphasis is on sending messages from all members of the international community to North Korea that they should not go forward with any further provocations. That would set back the prospects for peace and stability on the Peninsula. Those are very much where our efforts are at the moment, and we’ll see what the future brings. I’ve got to go get on a plane. Thank you all very much for coming to the airport. I’ve enjoyed very much my two days of meetings here in Tokyo, and thank you especially for the sunshine.


AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I don’t have much additionally to say, other than the fact that we’ve had a very good visit to Tokyo, and I think we’ve established a very good basis for cooperating and collaborating with the Abe Administration on North Korea policy moving forward. This morning, I had very good meetings with Secretary General Nukaga and Minister Furuya. I want to say, especially that my meetings yesterday were useful and, in particular, I thank Director General Sugiyama, Sugiyama-san, for his hospitality. We discussed all aspects of the North Korea issue and, as I say, I think we have a very strong basis for bilateral alliance cooperation between the United States and Japan going forward. So, I return to Washington to report on my visit to North Asia; first, in Seoul, then in Beijing last week, and then, here in Tokyo for the last couple of days. I hope, at some point soon, I will have a chance to return to Tokyo. We certainly hope that we will have an opportunity to hold further discussions with the Japanese government in the coming weeks and months on the North Korea situation. So, with that, I thank you very much. I look forward as I said, at some point to returning to Tokyo again for further discussions. So, thank you.