February 1, 2013

Date: 02/01/2013 Description: Celebrating Black History Month 2013: Jerry Budel - State Dept Image

Jerry Budel has worked as a voucher examiner for U.S. Embassy in Paramaribo, Suriname in the Financial Management Office since 1995. Prior to joining the Department, Jerry was employed with the Ministry of Finance for about ten years.

In Jerry's free time, he enjoys soccer. He has played soccer through all stages except the premier league. In the mid-1990s, Jerry became a soccer referee. He started as a youth referee and became a certified FIFA referee in 2001. "Being a FIFA referee is a very interesting job because as a referee you are able to see lots of countries and refereeing lots of games, of course." Jerry is currently a referee instructor.

In November 2012, Jerry went to Miami to participate in the FIFA Match Commissioner Workshop. "This is a very interesting development in my career because this will enable me to get new assignments within FIFA such as a match commissioner." A match commissioner serves as the leading official of the referees and the referee assessor.

Occupied with all these tasks which includes visiting games in many locales, there is little time left for other interests, but Jerry still finds time for other hobbies such as fishing and playing dominoes. Jerry hopes that his next assignment will be in the U.S.