Anne C. Richard
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
January 25, 2013

Assistant Secretary Richard: I was glad that Nancy Lindborg of USAID and Ambassador Robert Ford and I could come today to this camp in Turkey. Frankly, it's a very well-run, well-organized, well-resourced camp. I come away very impressed by the way the Turkish government has provided so much to the Syrian refugees. Many of the Syrians with whom I spoke today are very grateful to the government of Turkey, to the people of Turkey, that's the good news piece of the story and so I was very happy to see children who are well-fed, who are being kept warm, and are in a safe place. We are working to ensure that if more people come out of Syria they will also get a reception like this. We are supporting the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. USAID is working with the World Food Programme so we want to continue the ability for refugees to cross open borders and get the help they need. They are not alone, they are supported by the United States and the American funding is coming through international organizations, to reach them, and to help them, and to help their compatriots. We need more countries to step forward and also help that's really the goal of the Kuwait pledging conference.

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