Blanket Requests for

Clearance of Foreign

Government Owned


OFM/Customs processes requests for blanket authorization of foreign government-owned equipment being temporarily imported for repair and return, or in conjunction with joint projects being carried out by the foreign government and a U.S. Government entity (but not in connection with a foreign military sales case). The request for clearance of these items should be submitted by diplomatic note or official letter providing the following information:

State whether this request is a new blanket request (to be established) or an old blanket request (renewal).

Name all consignees

Purpose of a blanket authorization request (repair and return, for incorporation into a finished project, in conjunction with joint projects being carried out by your government and a U.S. Government entity)

Identification of the items

Approximate size of the shipments

Special markings on container (Code words)

Ports of entry

Frequency of entry

Ports of departure

Time period for which the blanket authorization is requested

A statement certifying that the shipment is property of your Government, and will remain so while in the United States

A statement certifying the shipments are not part of the foreign military sales program

Clearance of foreign government-owned equipment imported in connection with foreign military sales program is processed by the Department of State's Office of Munitions Control.