How do I use the Active Tax Exemption Card Database?

The Active Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card Database will inform the reader of the active diplomatic tax exemption card identification numbers, expiration dates, and levels of exemption.

PID - This column indicates the identification number uniquely designated for each Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card. This ten-digit number can be found on the front of the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card, beneath the cardholder's picture.

Status - This column indicates that the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card is currently valid.

Expiration Date - This column indicates the date of expiration for the given Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card.

Description - This column indicates what level of exemption this cardholder is entitled. This message should correspond to the message displayed in the blue or yellow section, on the front of the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card.

Card Type - This final column indicates whether this card is a Mission or Personal Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card.

A Mission Card is for official purchases of the mission. These purchases must be paid for with either an official mission credit card or an official check.

A Personal Card is for personal purchases by the diplomat. These purchases can be paid for with any form of payment.

The information provided in this database does not imply that cards that expired and were removed from this list were not valid for exemption when they were used in the past. This information is current as of its most recent posting. If there are further questions regarding the information provided in this database please contact:

Office of Foreign Missions
3507 International Place, NW
Washington, DC 20520
(202) 895-3500

Or send your questions via email:

To access the Tax Exemption Card Database, click here. (NOTE: File size is 5.0 Mb)