Brian A. Nichols
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
Brussels, Belgium
November 19, 2012

The U.S. and Europe work together on three levels. We work on policies, we work on programs and we work on in law enforcement coordination. On policies we work with coordinating our approach both within our respective nations as well as in third countries as providers of assistance and that translates into programs. On the ground we work in West Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Afghanistan, and Europe. We are continually looking for areas where we can cooperate ever more closely to deliver real benefits for our peoples. In terms of our law enforcement cooperation, we in the Department of State facilitate the growth of a whole host nation law enforcement capability, working alongside partners around the world particularly in Europe. In Afghanistan, for example, we’ve worked very closely with Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and many other countries to help in the development of Afghan rule of law institutions. In the Caribbean, we’ve worked closely with the Netherlands, the U.K., as well as the European Union writ large on things like community policing, prosecutorial development, judicial training, port security and we continue to look for other areas of cooperation. In West Africa, for example, we just met last week to work on our joint support for the governments of West Africa. Finally, I’m here for the U.S.-EU Horizontal Dialogue on Drugs, which is our twice of year meeting to coordinate our policies and to look for areas where we can better serve our peoples.