Wendy Sherman
Under Secretary for Political Affairs
New Delhi, India
May 24, 2013

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UNDER SECRETARY SHERMAN: India has really made tremendous progress in reducing the level of its importation of Iranian oil. India has long been a leader in non proliferation. They have stood side by side with all of us in the international community to say that Iran should not acquire a nuclear weapon. We greatly appreciate all of the leadership that India has provided including their enforcement of sanctions... that decision will be made shortly and all of the data is certainly pointing in a positive direction.

UNDER SECRETARY SHERMAN: India is a crucial and key player in the future security and development of Afghanistan, both bilaterally and regionally. India has already made bilateral investments in Afghanistan including, as you know, in an iron ore mine, but in many ways providing capabilities and technical assistance. India has also been a leader in the new silk road, in the heart of Asia process, and anything that happens in this region of the world is going to be positive when India is engaged.

UNDER SECRETARY SHERMAN: We have been working at all levels through both of our governments on a number of projects dealing with global economics, global strategic security, energy, climate change, people to people, regional cooperation. It is really extraordinary the depth and breadth of the India-U.S. relationship and we look forward to furthering that relationship through the strategic dialogue and the many things that we do together.