Tara Sonenshine
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
Tokyo, Japan
November 16, 2012

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Secretary Clinton is really the author of 21st Century Statecraft. And she has had a particularly keen sense of reaching young people particularly young women and girls. The way that we do it is across multiple platforms, many layers and tiers of information. Everything from what public affairs does at the State Department with Foreign Policy Classroom, with its outreach to young people via Twitter and Facebook; its global questions and answers (Q&A's); its various programs that reach out and engage young people in conversation. At the same time we have our educational outreach and those programs cover sports and film and television and all kinds of art and culture. Because we know that culture is a big part of any young person’s experience. Thirdly, we reach young people through innovation and entrepreneurship. Using the convening power of public diplomacy and of the State Department to bring those young inspired minds around the table and give them opportunity to reach their God-given potential.