Tara Sonenshine
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
Tokyo, Japan
November 16, 2012

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Any individual looking at what is good for him or her is looking at a variety of factors. Do I have a good job? Am I safe in my community? Am I secure in my country? So public diplomacy really goes to the heart of an individual’s whole experience. And part of what we see growing is this extremist ideology in certain places that takes root and takes hold often to young people looking for employment and opportunity. So public diplomacy is going where they are going – online – to counter the negative narratives, to meet people with fact instead of myth, to develop communications for those who might be sitting on the fence a bit as to go towards a more radical direction or a more moderate direction. So public diplomacy can play a role at that vital time when somebody is thinking of their world view and looking at alternative paths. And that’s where CVE or countering violent extremism and public diplomacy begin to intersect.