Mariana L. Neisuler
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief Economist
Term of Appointment: 08/2012 to present

Mariana Neisuler joined the Office of the Chief Economist in August 2012. Previously, she was responsible for arms transfer and regional security issues in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia in the Bureau of Political Military Affairs. Mariana and her fellow FSO husband have served in Dubai, Skopje and Moscow. Shortly before joining the Foreign Service, Mariana worked in expat compensation consulting. She also spent six years with Human Rights Watch in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Kosovo and authored the book ‘Hate Speech’ in the Balkans ©1998 by International Helsinki Federation, Vienna.

Mariana holds an MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School and an MA in English and American Studies from Sofia University. She is a native speaker of Bulgarian. She also speaks fluent Russian and Macedonian, and intermediate Greek.

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