Office of Civil Rights

Date: 11/15/2011 Description: Celebrating Veterans Day 2011: Bryan Norwood - State Dept ImageBryan J. Norwood, Jr. works at the Western Passport Center (WPC) in Tucson, AZ. Mr. Norwood started his career with the Department at the Charleston Passport Center in 2007. He is also a certified citizen (tribal member) of the Cherokee Nation and a member of the Desert Cherokees in Tucson, AZ.

Bryan's great-grandfather, William J. Foreman, was a Justice of the Peace and respected tribal member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Born near Westville, Indian Territory in 1878, Mr. Foreman’s father (as told in family tradition) arrived in Westville on the “Trail of Tears”, the infamous Indian removal of 1838, and his mother arrived earlier with the “Old Settlers.” The Foreman family history is a source of endless fascination for him. "I have discovered many interesting characters and events over the years. For example, a relative, Ludovic Grant (1696-1757) was a Scotsman captured by the British in the Jacobite Rebellion. Banished to “the colonial plantations” or Charleston, SC, Grant became a trader and moved into Cherokee county where he married a Cherokee princess. Grant was famous for his letters to the governor of SC and several other pre-revolutionary events. His descendants include Tiana Rogers, for example, Cherokee wife of Texas hero, General Sam Houston. Another notable relative was Stephen Foreman (1807-1881), a Princeton-educated minister who was in charge of a train of wagons at the removal of the Cherokees in 1838."