Special Briefing
Roberta S. Jacobson
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Jake Sullivan
Director of Policy Planning
Capricia Penavic Marshall
Chief of Protocol
New York, NY
September 27, 2012

This video is available on YouTube with closed captions.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY JACOBSON: Today is our big day. We’re doing a huge number of Western Hemisphere meetings on Latin America and the Caribbean. The second is on energy – a huge topic in the Americas. The potential for energy in this hemisphere is enormous. And then, Secretary Clinton will be meeting with the Friends of Haiti to talk about how reconstruction is going since the earthquake and how we can move ahead together.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you all very much, and I hope that you’ve had some lunch. I am well aware that running around during New York the week of the General Assembly, there’s hardly a moment to breathe, let alone to eat.

DIRECTOR SULLIVAN: You know any given day at UNGA, you are going to look around the world so from the Middle East to East Asia to our own backyard, that's just day in the life of the Secretary at the UN General Assembly.

AMBASSADOR MARSHALL: Here we are in the middle of the UN General Assembly Week – our annual trek to New York to meet and greet with all of the top diplomats. The Secretary will be up here momentarily. We’re just about ready with our final prep on the flags as you can see. And then, we will be moving into about five or six other events to wrap up today and prep for tomorrow.