Special Briefing
Rajiv Shah
USAID Administrator
Johnnie Carson
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs
New York, NY
September 26, 2012

This video is available on YouTube with closed captions.

ADMINISTRATOR SHAH: We are so excited to be here today with you. I would like to especially recognize the leadership of his Excellency Jean Ping, the Chairperson of the African Union. And we are here together because traditionally the G8 and the AU have had a close and important partnership in the area of development.

Well, this is the UN General Assembly. We are here doing, like, I don't know, 15 meetings and events a day. It's just a huge confab where you have leaders from the private sector, from governments, from civil society all over the world - basically making it impossible to get around town, but highly productive to get work done.

It is critical that America engages with the world. Across all our work we have partnerships in the private sector, we have other countries, everyone really working together to get some important outcomes.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CARSON: We are engaged with Africa because Africa is an important part of the global community. This is an opportunity for us to deal with these issues and to meet with key African leaders and with global leaders and to focus global attention on problems of great concern to Africa.

ADMINISTRATOR SHAH: These meetings are important to bring everyone together. It helps us build these strong partnerships and our engagement at the end of the day makes the difference between a safer, more secure, more economically prosperous world and one that is less so.