Philip H. Gordon
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
Istanbul, Turkey
July 30, 2012

Date: 07/30/2012 Description: Assistant Secretary Gordon with the Mayor of Uskudar Mustafa Kara. - State Dept Image

ASSISTANT SECRETARY GORDON: What I want to say first and foremost is thank you to all of the people of Uskudar for this marvelous opportunity to partake with you in an iftar dinner. I want to thank the Mayor who invited us here and really honors us by giving us this opportunity. As I told the Mayor when I just got off the ferry, I’ve been to Turkey many, many times, but never have I had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful aspect of your culture. So we’re very grateful. I’m here visiting Istanbul [inaudible] -- we’re grateful for the opportunity and the hospitality. We’re very excited about it and look forward to the next steps.

Turkey is a great friend of the United States and we’re thrilled to see so many Turkish friends here and have a chance to be with you this evening. So thanks especially to you, Mayor, for inviting us and to all of you.