Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Tokyo, Japan
May 25, 2012

QUESTION: What did you talk about with Mr. Matsubara?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: We talked about all aspects of the abductee issue, and the ways in which Japan and the United States can stay in very close touch about this issue, and look for opportunities to try to resolve it, to raise it obviously whenever we have a chance with the North Koreans. Of course we have always done that. In our meetings with the North Koreans over the last 11 months, this issue was raised every single time.

So when and if we get back to a point where we are able to negotiate with the North Koreans again, of course we will raise it and we will insist that North Korea take seriously its obligations that it promised in August of 2008, to re-investigate these cases. That's the important thing, and that's what I pledged to the Minister we would help Japan work on.

So our collaboration is very close on this issue, and I told the Minister that in my meeting this morning with the Yokotas and the family organizations, I repeated to them our sympathies, and I told them again that as far as the people and Government of the United States are concerned, we will never forget the suffering of families here in Japan. And we will work with Japan tirelessly going forward to try to address the issue. So thank you very much, appreciate it.